Parking when you need it.
Extra income when you don't.
A parking app that helps find the perfect parking space
or rent out your unused spots

Parking on Prked


Browse the map for convenient parking in your area


Book and pay for your parking spot safely and securely


Park your car and get on with your day!
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1. Get the app

Grab the Prked app from the app store

2. Sign up

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3. Start parking

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Hosting on Prked


List your unused parking space(s) on Prked


Set your own availability and rates


Start earning from bookings!
Get Started

1. Download the app

Grab the Prked app from the app store

2. List your spot

List your parking spot in minutes

3. Start earning

Start earning income from bookings

Own unused parking?

  • Do you own a parking spot, but don’t use it during the day?
  • Does your driveway accommodate more
    cars than you need it for?
  • Are you simply looking for an easy way to earn extra cash?
List your spots on Prked
List your unused parking. Control exactly when a guest can park. Earn money with little to no effort.

Prked is free!

Hosts pay no fees, and no costs, for their listings. We just charge a small fee on bookings. For a sample $20 transaction:


Goes to spot owner
(e.g. at least $16 on a $20 transaction)


Charged by Prked
(e.g. max $4 on a $20 transaction)

Packed with features

Prked was built with its users in mind to make sharing parking as easy as possible
while giving its users complete control over their spaces.
Monthly Parking
Integrated payments
Gated parking
Guarded parking
EV Charging
Instant Bookings
Admin View
Covered parking
Security camera