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When you're on the go, the free Prked app makes it easy to find and pay for parking without running back to feed the meter. And for added convenience, you can reserve spots ahead of time.

How it works


Browse the map for convenient parking in your area


Book and pay for your parking spot safely and securely


Park your car and get on with your day!
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Hassle-free booking

Reserve a space with a few taps and skip the parking hunt.

No-Surprise Pricing

Compare prices, see your total cost up-front, and save.

Lightning-Fast Parking

Park your car in seconds and go do your thing.

Discover amazing spaces

Find parking anywhere, for now or for later. Compare prices & pick the place that's best for you.

Reserve, prepay
& save

Book parking ahead in advance. Easier than finding a meter, cheaper than a garage and those 20 minutes spent searching are yours again.

Drive, arrive
& park

Navigate to the spot location, park & do your thing!

People ❤️ Prked

I completely forgot how much of a hassle parking gets and was in a
rush…Using Prked, I found a spot and was there within seconds!

Brooke C. | New York, NY

Outstanding parking. I am glad I used Prked.
Made me feel like a VIP for only 12 bucks.

Carl N. | Phoenix, AZ

I have never been in and out of a parking garage after a concert
so fast…Best experience in a parking garage ever.

Brooke C. | Philadelphia, PA

I do not head to Boston concerts or events without
Prked! Search, reserve, pay, park, it's that easy.

Heather P. | Boston, MA


Prked offers several features to choose from when looking for parking


Your car is being recorded at all times.


Parking spot has good lighting.


Parking spot is covered with a roof.


Parking spot includes a charging station.


Parking spot is gated.


Parking spot has a guard overwatching.