Where to find free parking in Miami?

December 4, 2020

Miami is the 6th most congested city in America. It means you are better off taking public transportation. Most of the spots near the port or in Downtown Miami are metered. But some are free. The city contains several off-street and on-street options to choose from. There are six rides and park locations serving Miami, providing you with free secure parking. Getting parking in the busy areas of the city is not easy. However, some simple ways to find free parking in Miami are here through which you can get parking.

  1. Map of free parking

To locate them, you need to use a map before navigating to your required area. It is simple and very easy to use. You are parking near the time you expect to be there and the duration of your parking. The spot on which you can park your car will appear on the map along with the prices. You will see some green spots that are free of charge.

  1. Miami Parking rules

In Miami, you can get the benefit of a free hour of parking between January 1 and December 17. The city provides an extra hour of free parking at all metered street parking spaces during the holiday season. This offer is effective, and it starts from December 17 at 12:01 am through January 1 at 11:59 pm. The program applies to all street parking areas that Miami Parking Authority manages.

  1. Free Parking app

To locate the free parking areas in Miami, you can use Prked app. It is free of charge and beneficial for all the users in Miami.

  1. Street Parking

Among your other free parking options, it is one of the convenient ways that are simple and very easy to access. Remember that you are near Miami Beach; it is a spot that is highly hard to find. It would help if you remembered the spot where you have parked your car. You should use the Miami Beach app for parking that can help you in this regard.

  1. Is it possible to hire Gig workers for parking?

There are private parking lots in Miami that offer parking facilities near public places like parks, beaches, and others. Gig workers are independent workers or contractors who own their parking area, and they provide it to people at low rates. It is possible to pay for the parking area. In all megacities of the world, parking is a big mess, but the Government is earning through it. The gig economy is a huge source of earning for the Government, too, because these workers and contractors pay taxes to the Government.


We all know that parking is a big problem in all developed countries. People who have their vehicles are tackling with this tension that they need to park their car. There is a great crowd on the holidays or vacation season, and there is no space to park the car in the free parking areas. Therefore, people need to choose paid parking places or they can download Prked app to get a parking spot.